The 2022 Conference has the overall theme of Weaving evaluation into the whole, with the following sub-themes.


Evaluation for all 

Showcasing the value of evaluation; sharing stories and examples of how evaluation can involve and impact everyone. How evaluation weaves into programs and policies at community, state, and national levels.  

Weaving perspectives 

Whose values matter in evaluation; exploring inclusive approaches that embrace the values and perspectives of First Nations people and diverse communities. How these practices enhance the quality of evaluation by weaving in and reconciling the perspectives of the many players involved.  

New ways of weaving 

Demonstrating the continuing innovation in evaluation practice; engaging with the creativity, adaptation and opportunity in the ever-changing world. How evaluation has adapted amidst acute and chronic challenges.

Materials, patterns and practices 

Sharing our favourites; practical illustrations and highlights of old and new tools, methods, and activities for evaluation. How current and emerging evaluators learn from each other to build capability.