This page contains resources for conference presenters, authors and session chairs. We will update the page as new resources become available and notify the relevant people by email.

Presentation speaker briefing notes

The aes22 conference committee welcome your contribution to this year’s International Evaluation Conference. In order to ensure that your presentation runs smoothly, a number of services and facilities will be provided for you. Please download the instructions and take the time to read these to ensure your presentation is successful.

>>> DOWNLOAD the document 'Presentation speaker briefing notes'

COVID-19 safety: presenter mask requirement

The Australian Evaluation Society will take all reasonable steps to provide the safest possible environment for our delegates, supporters, exhibitors, staff and contractors. We will be guided by evidence as well as the government health and safety measures and will work closely with the venue and all suppliers to plan and implement as safe a conference as is possible.

Unless you have been granted an exemption on medical grounds, all aes22 presenters and speakers are to wear a fitted face mask whilst in your presentation room, except for when you are presenting. Hand sanitiser will be available at the lectern to use before and after presenting. Convention Centre staff regularly clean presentation equipment. 

Chairperson briefing notes

These briefing notes are designed to assist you in understanding your role as a Chairperson within the AES 2022 International Evaluation Conference Program. 

>>> DOWNLOAD the document 'Chairperson briefing notes'